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KY Agritech is a globally emerging company with networks in the Netherlands, the Caribbean, the United States, and Mexico. We are a proud member of the Let’s Grow Together consortium between Kentucky and the Netherlands.

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Urban Agriculture

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Pioneering Agritech Research and Consulting for a Sustainable Future

At Kentucky Agritech, we recognize that food security is a critical global challenge. Our commitment extends beyond advancing agricultural technology; it’s about contributing to a solution for this worldwide issue. By partnering with leading experts across the globe, we bring the latest research and innovative practices to our clients. Our collaborative approach ensures that we’re not just developing technology, but also sharing knowledge and strategies that can make a real difference in achieving sustainable food production.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture

At Kentucky Agritech, our approach to modern agriculture blends cutting-edge technology with proven growing techniques to maximize efficiency and yield.

Designing and Building Automated Greenhouses

Our expertise lies in creating state-of-the-art automated greenhouses tailored to specific crop needs. We focus on designing structures that optimize space, light, and temperature, ensuring an ideal growing environment. Our greenhouses are equipped with advanced automation systems that control climate, irrigation, and lighting, reducing the need for manual intervention and increasing operational efficiency.

Utilizing Hydroponic Growing Techniques

We harness the power of hydroponics, a soilless growing method, to enhance quality control and increase yield. This technique allows for precise nutrient management and water use, leading to healthier plants and more consistent produce. Hydroponics also enables us to grow crops in controlled environments year-round, irrespective of external weather conditions, thus increasing productivity and reducing resource wastage.

Leveraging Data for Improved Outcomes

Data is at the heart of our agricultural solutions. We employ sophisticated sensors and monitoring systems to collect real-time data on various parameters such as humidity, temperature, nutrient levels, and plant growth. This data is then analyzed to gain insights into optimizing growing conditions, predicting crop health issues, and enhancing overall yield. By leveraging this data, we can make informed decisions that lead to better outcomes in terms of crop quality and quantity.

Urban Agriculture Research and Innovation Hub

Nestled in the Russell Neighborhood of Louisville, KY, an area marked by limited access to fresh produce, stands our pioneering 100 sq meter greenhouse – a beacon of innovation in urban agriculture. This facility is not just a greenhouse; it’s a testament to our commitment to addressing food deserts and revolutionizing urban farming.

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